Welcome to Student Placements!

Student Placements:

IFYS values the opportunity to provide placement position to Students through our student placement program. Students participate in training, interact with youth and care workers, participate in client interactions and gain valuable knowledge from our program areas: Youth and Communities & Foster Care and Inclusive Living Program. These highly sought after placements provide unique ways in which students can grow and develop skills that reflect the abilities needed for a career within the sector.


Intakes occur twice a year:

Semester One intakes: commence October

Semester Two intakes: commence April

If you would like to be considered for a placement with IFYS, please speak with your University placement coordinator or field experience supervisor. If you are a TAFE student please speak with your course teachers or field experience department. Should you require any further information regarding student placements, please contact a member of the People & Culture Team on (07) 5438 3000.

Application Process:

Applications open in April and October of each year. This timeframe allows for the recruitment process and mandatory background checks to be completed, prior to the start of each semester.  Student candidates will be asked to:

  • Submit resume
  • Complete application form
  • Attend a formal interview
  • Participate in a meet and greet with the program area

To ensure you as a student are provided the best learning experience, students need to attend placement three (3) days per week (at minimum) throughout their placement period with IFYS.


Upon your successful application, you will attend a mandatory induction, where you will be introduced to IFYS, the program areas and what we expect of you and what you can expect of IFYS during your placement with us.