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Student Placements - Expression of Interest


Reference: 4859963

IFYS values the opportunity to provide placement positions to Students through our student placement program. Students with IFYS have the opportunity to gain experience in program areas such as:

  • Foster Care
  • Youth Shelters
  • Community Centres
  • Youth housing
  • Youth engagement
  • Disability Support
  • Community Learning

We are now taking student applications for placement in semester 1, 2020. These highly sought after placements provide unique ways in which students can grow and develop skills that reflect the abilities needed for a career within the sector.

Application Process:

Applications open until mid-November 2019. This timeframe allows for the recruitment process and mandatory background checks to be completed, prior to the start of each semester.

Student candidates will be asked to:

  • Submit a resume and application
  • Attend a formal interview
  • Participate in a meet and greet with the program area


Upon your successful application, you will attend a mandatory induction, where you will be introduced to IFYS, the program areas and what we expect of you and what you expect of IFYS during your placement with us.

Applications Close: 15 Nov 2019